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Information technology - XML Metadata Interchange (XMI)

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Status Definitief
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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2005
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This International Standard provides specifications for: a. A set of XML Schema Definitions (XSD) production rules for transforming MOF based metamodels into XML Schemas. b. A set of XML Document production rules for encoding and decoding MOF based metadata. c. Design principles for XMI based Schemas and XML documents. d. A set of production rules for importing XML DTDs to a MOF based metamodel. This International Standard enhances metadata management and metadata interoperability in distributed object environments in general and in distributed development environments in particular. While this International Standard addresses stream based metadata interoperability in the object analysis and design domain, XMI (in part because it is MOF based) is equally applicable to metadata in many other domains.


ICS-code 35.040.50
Engelse titel Information technology - XML Metadata Interchange (XMI)



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