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Information technology - Guidelines for slap tenprint fingerprintture

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Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2018
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NEN-ISO/IEC 20027 provides guidelines to follow during the acquisition process of slap tenprints in order to obtain fingerprints of the best quality possible within acceptable time constraints. Non-cooperative users are out of the scope of this document. When using ten-fingerprint sensors, it is fundamental to know how to use them and how to proceed with the acquisition. This document describes how to capture fingerprints correctly by specifying best practices for slap tenprint captures. It gives recommendations on the following topics: 1) hardware of the fingerprint sensor and its deployment; 2) user guidance; 3) enrolment process including a sample workflow; 4) application software for developers and system integrators; 5) processing, compression and coding of the acquired fingerprint images; 6) operational issues and data logging; 7) evaluation of a solution and its components. Although this document primarily focuses on reaching optimal data quality for enrolment purposes, the recommendations given here are applicable for other purposes. All processes which rely on good quality tenprint slaps can take advantage of the best practices.


ICS-code 35.240.15
Engelse titel Information technology - Guidelines for slap tenprint fingerprintture



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