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Information technology - A code of practice for the use of information technology (IT) in the delivery of assessments

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Leertechnologie├źn
Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2007
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This Standard gives recommendations on the use of information technology (IT) to deliver assessments to candidates and to record and score their responses. Its scope is defined in terms of three dimensions: the types of assessment to which it applies, the stages of the assessment "life cycle" to which it applies and this Standard's focus on specifically IT aspects. This Standard is relevant to a wide range of assessments, including: - assessments used in education (both compulsory and post-compulsory), training and compliance (e.g. compliance with legislation relating to health and safety or financial services); - assessments of knowledge, understanding and skills (i.e. "achievement tests"), but not psychological tests of aptitude and personality; - high-stakes assessments and examinations and also low-stakes assessments used for feedback on progress, identification of learning needs, self-assessment and remediation; - assessments which include feedback, as well as those which provide only a result; - both fixed-date, test-windows and on-demand assessments; - both items which can be scored by computer and the delivery (but not scoring) of items or tasks which are delivered using IT, but have to be referred to a human marker for scoring; however, the use of IT for scoring lengthy free-text responses ("essays" and similar) is excluded; - a wide range of computer-scorable assessments, including not only "objective tests" (multiple-choice and other item types), but also assessments of keyboarding skills and software use; NOTE Items can include graphics, multimedia and access to data, case studies, etc. This Standard does not, however, cover the use of specialist simulations (e.g. of industrial processes or driving/piloting). - assessments taken in universities, academies, colleges, high-schools, training centres, schools and assessment centres and also assessments taken in less formal settings, including learning centres and in the workplace; - assessments which are set, taken and scored within a single organisation (for example a university or a company) and assessments taken in an organisation separate from the one responsible for the assessment content; - assessments delivered in a variety of ways, including on-line, on local networks and on stand-alone computers.


ICS-code 35.240.90
Engelse titel Information technology - A code of practice for the use of information technology (IT) in the delivery of assessments



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