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Information technology - Generic cabling systems for data centres

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Commissie Interconnection of information technology equipment
Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2010
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This International Standard specifies generic cabling that supports a wide range of communications services for use within a data centre. It covers balanced cabling and optical fibre cabling. This International Standard is based upon and references the requirements of ISO/IEC 11801. This International Standard contains additional requirements that are appropriate to data centres in which the maximum distance over which communications services have to be distributed is 2 000 m. The principles of this International Standard may also be applied to data centre installations that do not fall within this range. In addition to the requirements of ISO/IEC 11801, this International Standard specifies: a) a modified structure and configuration for generic cabling within data centres used to support existing and emerging applications; b) a reference implementation specific to data centre infrastructures. Data centres have specific pathway and space requirements that are specified in ISO/IEC 14763-2. Until ISO/IEC 14763-2 is published, relevant information may be found in ISO/IEC 18010 (see Bibliography). Safety (electrical safety and protection, fire, optical power etc.) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements are outside the scope of this International Standard and are covered by other standards and regulations. However, information given in this International Standard and those identified in Figure 1 can be of assistance in meeting these other standards and regulations.


ICS-code 35.200
Engelse titel Information technology - Generic cabling systems for data centres
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