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Information technology - ASN.1 encoding rules: XML Encoding Rules (XER)

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Commissie Telecommunications and information exchange between systems
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2015
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NEN-ISO/IEC 8825-4 specifies a set of basic XML Encoding Rules (BASIC-XER) that may be used to derive a transfer syntax for values of types defined in Rec. ITU-T X.680 | ISO/IEC 8824-1 and Rec. ITU-T X.681 | ISO/IEC 8824-2. This Recommendation | International Standard also specifies a set of Canonical XML Encoding Rules (CXER) which provide constraints on the basic XML Encoding Rules and produce a unique encoding for any given ASN.1 value. This Recommendation | International Standard further specifies a set of extended XML Encoding Rules (EXTENDED-XER) which adds further encoders options, and also allows the ASN.1 specifier to vary the encoding that would be produced by BASIC-XER. It is implicit in the specification of these encoding rules that they are also used for decoding.


ICS-code 35.100.60
Engelse titel Information technology - ASN.1 encoding rules: XML Encoding Rules (XER)
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