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Electronic fee collection - Evaluation of equipment for conformity to ISO/TS 17575-3 - Part 1: Test suite structure and test purposes

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This part of ISO/TS 16410 specifies the test suite structure (TSS) and test purposes (TP) to evaluate the conformity of Front End and Back End to ISO/TS 17575-3. The objective of this part of ISO/TS 16410 is to provide a basis for conformance tests for the Front End and the Back End in Electronic Fee Collection (EFC) based on autonomous on-board equipment (OBE) to enable interoperability between different equipment supplied by different manufacturers. Autonomous OBE operates without relying on dedicated road-side infrastructure by employing wide-area technologies such as Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and Cellular Communications Networks (CN). These EFC systems are referred to by a variety of names. Besides the terms autonomous systems and GNSS/CN systems, also the terms GPS/GSM systems and wide-area charging systems are in use. Autonomous systems use satellite positioning, often combined with additional sensor technologies such as gyroscopes, odometers, and accelerometers, to localise the vehicle and to find its position on a map containing the charged geographic objects, such as charged roads or charged areas. From the charged objects, the vehicle characteristics, the time of day and other data that are relevant for describing road use, the tariff and ultimately the road usage fee is determined. For more information regarding autonomous systems, please refer to ISO/TS 17575-3. Testing of the following behaviours and functionalities is outside of the scope of this part of ISO/TS 16410: - dynamic behaviour, i.e. sequence of messages and triggering events that must be exchanged/happen to fulfil certain charging scenarios; - profiles and business logic built on top of particular pricing schemas; ? authentication, as its handling is not described in ISO/TS 17575-3; - Front End behaviour with respect to optional data elements in ChargeReportConfiguration, as handling of configurations requesting presence/absence of parent data element, and absence/presence of child data element is not specified in ISO/TS 17575-3.


ICS-code 03.220.20
Engelse titel Electronic fee collection - Evaluation of equipment for conformity to ISO/TS 17575-3 - Part 1: Test suite structure and test purposes
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