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Terreinbeveiliging - Werkwijze voor de classificatie van prestaties

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Status Definitief
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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2014
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NPR-CEN/TR 16705 aims at providing information to be used for the design of the future activities for making a 'perimeter protection standard'. This CEN Technical Report describes a performance classification methodology for the identification of the desired systems performance for perimeter protection systems. It also gives a conceptual framework for matching the desired performance and the capabilities of a possible solution. Furthermore this CEN Technical Report presents the results of inventories that have been made on current systems and (generic type) products, relevant member states regulations, relevant documents from CEN, CEN/TC 325, ISO and other sources. It should be noted that these inventories cannot be considered complete and any values given should be considered indicative values. The following subjects are not covered by this Technical Report: - threats approaching from the sea side; - threats approaching through the air. It is recognized that with regard to vital infrastructure and very high risk objects the generic system approach indicated in this Technical Report may not suffice and additional checklists and risk assessment tools may be required.


ICS-code 13.310
Nederlandse titel Terreinbeveiliging - Werkwijze voor de classificatie van prestaties
Engelse titel Perimeter protection - Performance classification methodology



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