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Beproevingsmethoden voor cement - Deel 4: Kwantitatieve bepaling van de bestanddelen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2007
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This European Technical Report describes procedures for determining the contents of most of the constituents of the cements that fall within the scope of EN 197-1. In principle, the method described in Clause 6 applies to all cements, whatever the number and nature of their constituents, but in practice is limited to the cements identified in Table 1. The method in clause 6 should be considered to be the method of choice and is based on a sequential selective dissolution of the cement's constituents, generally of an unknown number, where they are not available separately for analysis at the same time as the cement. The method of choice enables the quantitative determination (by mass) of: Portland cement clinker, blastfurnace slag, siliceous fly ash, natural pozzolans, limestone, silica fume and set regulators in cements of the types identified in Table 1. Table 1 is derived from Table 1 of EN 197-1. The method of choice has limitations, as indicated earlier, and cannot be considered to be a means by which clinker content can simply be determined in isolation from any other constituent. Clinker content is determined 'by difference' and other constituents contain, in part, mineral phases similar to those present in clinker and can cause interferences that lead to difficulties in interpretation of the results. Where apparently anomalous results are obtained, it is recommended that further investigations are undertaken in accordance with the procedure given in Section Any other method with the same objectives, and intended for use where the constituents are unavailable for separate analysis, can be considered to be an alternative to the method of choice when it is shown that, with appropriate statistical validity, it gives equivalent results. In individual cases, where the laboratory has been formally advised that: - the cement contains only two constituents, the method is greatly simplified because it is sufficient to determine the set regulator content (R) in order to be able to calculate the clinker content by difference; - the cement contains only three constituents, i.e. a set regulator, clinker and one of the following three: slag, pozzolana or siliceous fIy ash. Some of the methods in clause 7 are variations on the method of choice whereas others are based on physical separation of constituents and different analytical principles.


ICS-code 91.100.30
Nederlandse titel Beproevingsmethoden voor cement - Deel 4: Kwantitatieve bepaling van de bestanddelen
Engelse titel Methods of testing cement - Part 4: Quantitative determination of constituents



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