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Gasvoorzieningssystemen - Referentiebasis voor Pipeline Integrity Management Systems (PIMS)

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PIMS is defined as Pipeline Integrity Management System. It is a safety management system, whose field is pipeline integrity. The field does not cover occupational health. Each natural gas pipeline operator has a system to manage all its resources and activities. This management system is specific to each operator. It generally integrates all the following activities: storage, compression, transportation and delivery of natural gas (see diagram below). PIMS is based on such principles as: - adoption of high technological standards in construction; - carrying out of proactive measures for ensuring that the pipeline system is maintained fit for purpose; - working out of emergency procedures; - incidents investigation; - training of personnel; - definition of roles and responsibilities of personnel. It follows the basic principle plan, do, check and act (PDCA) which includes policy, planning, implementation and operation, inspection and corrective actions, and management review.


ICS-code 23.040.01
Nederlandse titel Gasvoorzieningssystemen - Referentiebasis voor Pipeline Integrity Management Systems (PIMS)
Engelse titel Gas Supply Systems - Frame of reference regarding Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS)
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