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Gasvoorzieningsystemen - Richtlijnen voor beheersystemen voor gasdistributienetwerken

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2007
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The field of application of this Technical Specification is the new and existing gas grid starting at the boundary of the delivery station on the premises of the GDSO up to the point of delivery of the customers that can be at a means of isolation (e.g. at the outlet of a LPG storage vessel or at the meter outlet connection) typically nominated by the GDSO and may be defined in national regulations or standards. For existing installations this Technical Specification does not apply to design, construction, testing and commissioning. The main objectives of this Technical Specification can be summarized by the following: - Provide guidance about the minimum necessary requirements to be included in a management system related to safety, security, reliability and efficiency of technical activities (design, construction, testing and commissioning/decommissioning, operation and maintenance). - Demonstrate that the competencies required in the activities mentioned above concretely find their expression in practice on the plants/installations of the gas distribution networks (e.g. for operations in distribution: odourisation, emergency service, cathodic protection, leak survey, maintenance activities on pressure reduction plants, mains and service lines).


ICS-code 03.100.70
Nederlandse titel Gasvoorzieningsystemen - Richtlijnen voor beheersystemen voor gasdistributienetwerken
Engelse titel Gas Supply Systems - Guidelines for Management systems for Gas Distribution Networks
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