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Postdiensten - ID-sleutelvelden voor postverkeer - Deel 1: Structuur, bericht en binair van het ID-sleutelveld

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Gepubliceerd op 01-01-2011
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This Technical Specification 4) defines the information content, structure and possible printed representations of the S18 ID-tag. This is an identifier for individual mail items which: - is globally unique; - can be applied to any item which is not already ID-tagged by any postal administration (or other issuer) which previously processed the item; - can be read, with a high degree of reliability, by any postal handling organisation possessing appropriate equipment. The S18 ID-tag defined in this Technical Specification may be placed on items so that, in subsequent processing, individual items can be recognised and associated with computer-based information relating to the item concerned. Whilst being generally applicable to domestic mail, the specification has been designed to allow the encoding of cross-border mail and to support its application in the automated processing of such mail. A key purpose of the specification is to allow information about items to be exchanged between postal handling organisations. Such exchange will take place through the electronic communication of messages (e.g. EDI messages), or through the exchange of computer files. References to "this Technical Specification" should be interpreted as references to CEN/TS 15844 as a whole, not only to Part 1. Where reference is made to a form of ID-tagging which is not in accordance with this specification, the term domestic ID-tag is used consistently throughout the text. ID-tag on its own therefore refers to the forms of ID-tagging specified in this Technical Specification. The term S18 ID-tag is used in the text where it is desired to emphasise the fact that reference is being matimes, even in the absence of electronic data transmission. Knowledge of delays on an item-by-item and statistical level will improve the diagnosis of problems and is expected to lead to an improvement in delivery service quality. The specification should be applied in all cases in which ID-tags are placed in area R1 on the reverse side of letter mail items of size up to and including C5.Other forms of identification may be used in locations other than R1. Issuers using automated sorting systems are, however, strongly encouraged to identify items using this Technical Specification even when the items carry some means of identification which has been applied by another agency, outside of issuer control.


ICS-code 3.240
Nederlandse titel Postdiensten - ID-sleutelvelden voor postverkeer - Deel 1: Structuur, bericht en binair van het ID-sleutelveld
Engelse titel Postal services - ID-tagging of letter mail items - Part 1: ID-tag structure, message and binary



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