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Bio-based solvents - Requirements and test methods

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2015
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CEN/TS 16766 sets requirements for bio-based solvents in terms of properties, limits, application classes and test methods. It lays down the characteristics and details for assessment of bio-based solvents: - fit for purpose in terms of performance related properties; - comply with the requirements regarding the health, safety and environment which apply to general solvents; - are derived from a certain minimum percentage of biomass; and - comply with at least similar sustainability criteria as comparable (regular) solvents. The criteria of the Regulation for Environmental Assessment of Chemicals (REACH) [2] are included in the discussions that have led to this Technical Specification.


ICS-code 87.060.30
Engelse titel Bio-based solvents - Requirements and test methods
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