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Smart grid-projecten in Europa

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Systeemaspecten van de elektriciteitsvoorziening
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2013
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This Technical Report provides an overview of the technical contents and regulatory arrangements of some 32 of the many Smart Grid projects that are currently in operation, or under construction, within Europe 1). This Technical Report is intended to provide useful information to those organisations and individuals that are currently engaged or about to become engaged in developing Smart Grids. It is also intended that this Technical Report will be used to support the development of relevant standards by presenting the key learning points from early Smart Grid projects - it is widely accepted that the publication of relevant standards will accelerate the development of Smart Grids. It is recognised that this Technical Report only covers a sample of the Smart Grid projects within Europe; it would be impractical to attempt to include every project. It is assessed that the 32 projects shown in this Technical Report are sufficiently representative to provide information and draw early conclusions. Clause 2 of this Technical Report provides a brief overview of all 32 projects, Annex A contains details of the 32 projects as supplied by the countries that participated in the drafting of this Technical Report. This Technical Report presents the situation for the 32 projects as they are at the time of writing; as time moves on, it might be necessary to update this Technical Report or to produce a second edition containing information on more recent projects and learning from existing projects, such as those documented in this Technical Report.


ICS-code 27.010
Nederlandse titel Smart grid-projecten in Europa
Engelse titel Smart grid projects in Europe



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