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Richtlijn voor in-situ metingen - In-situ meting van storingsemissie

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Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2005
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This guide describes analysis methods of disturbance emission to be applied in-situ for identification of the disturbance source and resolution of complaint. Where applicable, the methods rely on already published documents either in CENELEC or in IEC. It is not intended to be used for type testing or any kind of conformity assessment. Dealing with effects on living matter is excluded from this document. The frequency range of interest is from d.c. to 400 GHz. This document applies for analysing an interference complaint. It provides method for identification and characterisation in situ of the source(s) of interference. It proposes procedures to discriminate different kind of sources. Reference in situ measurement distances are defined. It allows comparison of the results and of technical characteristics of the interfered equipment with existing relevant standards. The result of the comparison is intended to help in the resolution of the complaint. It is meant for verifying the emissions from fixed installations whatever equipment they contain, and whatever have been the type tests of these equipment. This document is a basic standard. It may be used to describe the coupling path for interference between the victim and the source, and to compare the measurement results with the limits from the adequate standard, at a specific location and in a given frequency band.


ICS-code 29.020
Nederlandse titel Richtlijn voor in-situ metingen - In-situ meting van storingsemissie
Engelse titel Guide for in situ measurements - In situ measurement of disturbance emission



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