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Satelietsignaal distributie over een enkele coaxiale kabel - Tweede generatie

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Commissie Geluid, beeld en multimedia-apparaten en -systemen
Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2013
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This Technical Specification describes: - the system physical structure; - the system control signals, which implement a set of messages using DiSEqC physical layer but not the DiSEqC message structure; - the definition of identified configurations; - the management of the potential collisions in the control signals traffic. Figure 1 illustrates the physical system configuration considered in this Technical Specification. Several satellite signal demodulators can receive signals from any of the input signal banks (Bank 1, Bank 2, ···· Bank M, with M ≤ 256) of the LNB or the switch. The signals selected by the demodulators (or receivers) are transported via a single cable to these demodulators (Receiver 1, Receiver 2, ···· Receiver N, with N ≤ 32). To achieve these single cable distributions, the Single Cable Interface (SCIF, likely embedded in a LNB or a Switch) features some specific functions and characteristics.


ICS-code 33.060.40
Nederlandse titel Satelietsignaal distributie over een enkele coaxiale kabel - Tweede generatie
Engelse titel Satellite signal distribution over a single coaxial cable - Second generation
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