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Verplaatsbare gasflessen - Poreuze massa's voor acetyleenflessen

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Commissie Gasflessen
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2002
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This report contains information regarding high porosity masses (monolithic) produced after 1988 and having received type approval from the competent authorities in the countries of the CEN members. The data is based on information provided by manufacturers as at 2000-02-29. This list does not claim to be exhaustive For additional entries to the lists or a change of data, an application has to be made, to the CEN/TC 23 Secretariat with a copy of the type approval issued by the competent body. A revision of the report in a two-year period, or after a certain number of new applications for an amendment or change of data, is envisaged. Any decisions will be taken at a plenary meeting of CEN/TC 23.


ICS-code 23.020.30
Nederlandse titel Verplaatsbare gasflessen - Poreuze massa's voor acetyleenflessen
Engelse titel Transportable gas cylinders - Porous masses for acetylene cylinders
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