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Elektriciteitsmeting - Betalingssystemen - Deel 41: Standaard overdracht specificatie

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Commissie Meters voor elektrische energie, randapparatuur en communicatie
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2003
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A variety of proprietary electricity dispensers (EDs) and vending systems have been developed. The proprietary systems are however not compatible with each other. This gave rise to a definite need among the major users to move towards standardized solutions in addressing operational problems experienced where various types of ED and vending equipment have to be operated simultaneously. A standard transfer specification (STS) was developed that would allow for the application of EDs from any manufacturer in an electricity sales (vending) system. The STS is specified in sections 6 to 9 of NRS 009-6 and NRS 009-7. Amdt 1 The physical device used to transport the information from the vending system to the ED is referred to as a token. The STS specifies the use of two types token. (see NRS 009-6-8 and NRS 009-6-9), namely the disposable magnetic token and the numeric token. The STS is designed primarily for applications in prepayment electricity sales systems where a secure method for the transfer of purchased electricity units from the credit dispensing unit (CDU) to the ED is required. However, it also caters for the transfer of units of other utility types, for example water or gas.


ICS-code 29.040.99
Nederlandse titel Elektriciteitsmeting - Betalingssystemen - Deel 41: Standaard overdracht specificatie
Engelse titel Electricity metering - Payment metering systems - Part 41: Standard Transfer Specification
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