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Brandstofceltechnologie - Deel 6-1: Microbrandstofceltoepassing - Veiligheid

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Commissie Waterstof en brandstofcellen
Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2006
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This consumer safety PAS covers fuel cell power systems, power units and fuel cartridges that are wearable or easily carried by hand, providing d.c. outputs that do not exceed 60 V d.c. and power outputs that do not exceed 240 VA. As such, the externally accessible circuitry is considered as circuits that are "SELV" as defined in IEC 60950-1, and as limited power circuits if further compliance with IEC 60950-1, 2.5 is demonstrated. Systems that have internal systems exceeding 60 V d.c. or 240 VA should be appropriately evaluated in accordance with the separate criteria of IEC 60950-1. This consumer safety PAS covers all fuel cell power systems, units and cartridges. This PAS establishes requirements for all fuel cell power systems, units and cartridges to ensure a reasonable degree of safety for normal use, reasonably foreseeable misuse, and consumer transportation of such items. The cartridges covered by this PAS are not intended to be refilled by the consumer. Cartridges refilled by the manufacturer or by trained technicians should meet all the requirements of this PAS as unused cartridges. This PAS also covers compatible and separately transported fuel storage fuel cartridges for supplying fuel to the fuel cell power unit. Fuel cell power systems that provide output levels that exceed electrical limits specified in 1.1.1 are covered by IEC 62282-5. These products are not intended for use in hazardous areas. This PAS includes methanol or methanol and water solutions as fuels. This PAS includes equipment designs that include proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell stacks and direct methanol fuel cell stacks (DMFC). This PAS includes requirements for other fuels and the associated systems in the annexes, formatted as deviations or additional requirements to the main body of this PAS. It is understood that all fuel cartridges, power units and fuel cell systems should comply with applicable country and local requirements including transportation, childresistance, and storage, where required. The requirements of this PAS are not intended to constrain innovation. The manufacturer may consider fuels, materials, designs or constructions not specifically dealt with in this PAS. These alternatives should be evaluated as to their ability to yield levels of safety equivalent to those prescribed by this PAS.


ICS-code 27.070
Nederlandse titel Brandstofceltechnologie - Deel 6-1: Microbrandstofceltoepassing - Veiligheid
Engelse titel Fuel cell technologies - Part 6-1: Micro fuel cell power systems - Safety
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