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Betrouwbaarheid van softwareprodukten met herbruikbare onderdelen - Richtlijn voor functionaliteit en beproevingen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2012
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This publicly available specification introduces the concept of assuring reused components and their usage within new products. It provides information and criteria about the tests and analysis required for products containing such reused parts. The objective is to support the engineering requirements for functionality and tests of reusable software components and composite systems containing such components in evaluating and assuring reuse dependability. Focus is on the dependability of software reuse and, thus, this PAS complements IEC 62309 which exclusively considers hardware reuse. In addition to this previous hardware-related IEC standard, the present PAS also crosses further, appropriate software-related standards to be applied in the development and qualification of software components that are intended to be reused and products that reuse existing components. In other words, this PAS encompasses the features of software components for reuse, their integration into the receiving system, and related tests. Their performance and qualification and the qualification of the receiving system is subject to existing standards, for example ISO/IEC 25000 [01], IEC 61508-3 [01] and IEC 61508-4 [03]. The process framework of ISO/IEC 12207 [04] on systems and software engineering and ISO/IEC 25000 [01] on system aspects of dependability on software engineering apply to this PAS. The purpose of this PAS is to ensure through analysis and tests that the functionality, dependability and eco-friendliness of a new product containing reused software components is comparable to a product with only new components. This would justify the manufacturer providing the next customer with a warranty for the functionality and dependability of a product with reused components. As each set of hardware/software has a unique relationship and is governed by its operational scenario, the dependability determination has to consider the underlying operational background. Dependability also influences safety. Therefore, wherever it seems necessary, safety aspects have to be considered the way IEC 60300-1 addresses safety issues. This PAS can also be applied in producing product-specific standards by technical committees responsible for an application sector. This PAS is not intended for certification purposes.


ICS-code 03.120.01
Nederlandse titel Betrouwbaarheid van softwareprodukten met herbruikbare onderdelen - Richtlijn voor functionaliteit en beproevingen
Engelse titel Dependability of software products containing reusable components - Guidance for functionality and tests



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