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Single-mode fibre compatibility guidelines

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Commissie Fibre optic communications
Gepubliceerd op 01-01-2006
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This technical report provides guidelines indicating the items that should be taken into account when planning to connect a) different implementations of single-mode fibres of the same type, e.g. different implementations of type B single-mode fibres, and b) single-mode fibres of different types, e.g. B1.1 with B4. See IEC 60793-2-50 for the attributes and definitions of single-mode fibres, summarised in Table 1 below. A given type of single-mode fibre, for example B4, may have different implementations by suitably optimising several of the following parameters: mode field diameter (hence effective area), chromatic dispersion coefficient, slope of the chromatic dispersion curve and cable cutoff wavelength.


ICS-code 33.180.10
Nederlandse titel Single-mode fibre compatibility guidelines
Engelse titel Single-mode fibre compatibility guidelines
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