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Fire performance of communication cables installed in buildings

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Commissie Cables, wires, waveguides, R.F. connectors, R.F. and microwave passive components and accessoires
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2012
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This Technical Report provides recommendations for the requirements and test methods to be specified for the fire performance of communication cables when installed in buildings. The recommendations relate to typical applications and installation practices for copper and optical cables in buildings. This Technical Report includes an assessment of the fire hazards presented by such installations, and describes fire scenarios that have been established and the appropriate cable fire performances to mitigate these hazards. ISO/IEC 14763-2 recommends installation methods which, together with this Technical Report, provide guidelines for improving safety during fire. The recommendations also take into account legislation and regulation applicable to the fire performance of cables, an assessment of known test methods and their ability to measure the recommended fire performance. Power cables are usually segregated from communication cables for electrical safety and installed differently so they have not been addressed in this Technical Report.


ICS-code 33.120.20
Engelse titel Fire performance of communication cables installed in buildings



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