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Raamwerk voor de vrije energiemarkt communicatie - Deel 102: Voorbeeldmodel van de vrije energiemarkt

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2005
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This part of IEC 62325 defines a restricted (see introduction) example business model of the electricity market following the Open-edi reference model ISO/IEC 14662. Fundamental to the model is the division of the business transactions into the Business Operational View (BOV) and the Functional Service (FSV) with mapping of services between to ensure independence of the communication technology used. Because energy markets vary, this model example is only informative. The main purpose of the model is to show how the modelling methodology can be applied to the energy market, and to serve as the base of technology-dependent configuration examples in other parts of the IEC 62325 series. The model uses the UN/CEFACT modelling methodology UMM based on UML (Universal Modelling Language) for the Business Operational View, but other modeling methodologies may also be used. The modelling is done from the beginning for the whole market and its result is the "business process and information model" which can be taken as the input for the technology-dependent modelling in the design phase of systems and further for the Functional Service View. See IEC 62325-501 and future parts of the IEC 62325 series for this. IEC 62195 (2000) dealt with deregulated energy market communications at an early stage. Its amendment 1 (2002) points out important technological advancements which make it possible to use modern internet technologies based on XML for e-business in energy markets as an alternative to traditional EDI with EDIFACT and X12. The new IEC 62325 framework series for energy market communications currently consisting of IEC 62325-101, IEC 62325-102, IEC 62325-501, and IEC 62325-502 follows this direction and replaces IEC 62195 together with its amendment.


ICS-code 33.200
Nederlandse titel Raamwerk voor de vrije energiemarkt communicatie - Deel 102: Voorbeeldmodel van de vrije energiemarkt
Engelse titel Framework for energy market communications - Part 102: Energy market model example



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