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Magnetiserend gedrag van vaste magneten

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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2009
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It is within the scope of this technical report to describe the magnetizing behaviour of permanent magnets in detail. Firstly, in Clause 3 the relationship between the applied magnetic field strength and the effectively acting internal field strength is reviewed. In Clause 4 the initial state prior to magnetization is discussed. Then, in the main Clause 5, the magnetizing behaviour of all common types of permanent magnets is outlined. The clause is subdivided according to the dominant coercivity mechanisms, namely the nucleation type for sintered Ferrites, RE-Fe-B and SmCo5 magnets, the pinning type for carbon steel and Sm2Co17 1 magnets and the single domain type for nano-crystalline RE-Fe-B, Alnico and Cr- Fe-Co magnets. Finally, the recommended magnetizing field strengths for modern permanent magnets are compiled in a comprehensive table.


ICS-code 29.030
Nederlandse titel Magnetiserend gedrag van vaste magneten
Engelse titel Magnetization behaviour of permanent magnets



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