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Elektrische isolatiematerialen - Evaluatie van de A.C. voltagevastheid - Introductie

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Commissie Isolatiesystemen
Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2008
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This technical specification explains many of the factors involved in voltage endurance tests on electrical insulating materials and systems. It describes the voltage endurance graph, lists test methods illustrating their limitations and gives guidance for evaluating the a.c. voltage endurance of insulating materials and systems from the results of the tests. The terminology to be used in voltage endurance is defined and explained. It should be emphasized that where this technical specification is concerned with materials, the results may not be directly applicable to the performance of insulating systems. Voltage endurance tests are used to compare and evaluate insulating materials with regard to their various applications in electrical systems. Determining the ability of electrical insulating materials and systems to endure a.c. voltage stress is complex. The results of voltage endurance tests are influenced by many factors so this technical specification should only be considered as an attempt to present a unified view of voltage endurance for simplified planning and analysis. Some documents for the various practical cases exist and others are being developed.


ICS-code 17.220.99
Nederlandse titel Elektrische isolatiematerialen - Evaluatie van de A.C. voltagevastheid - Introductie
Engelse titel Electrical insulating materials - A.C. voltage endurance evaluation - Introduction
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