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Aerospace qualified electronic component (AQEC) - Deel 1: Microcircuits

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Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2009
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This Technical Specification defines the minimum requirements for integrated circuits and semiconductors which are to be designated an “Aerospace Qualified Electronic Component (AQEC)”. It applies to integrated circuits and semiconductors exhibiting the following attributes: a) a minimum set of requirements, or information provided by the part manufacturer, which will allow a standard COTS component to be designated AQEC by the manufacturer; b) as a minimum, each COTS component (designated AQEC) will have been designed, fabricated, assembled, and tested in accordance with the component manufacturer’s requirements for standard data book components; c) qualification of, and quality systems for, the COTS components to be designated as AQEC shall include the manufacturer’s standards, operating procedures, and technical specifications. This information shall be available when requested; d) components manufactured before the manufacturer has addressed AQEC requirements, but utilizing the same processes, are also considered AQEC compliant; e) additional desired attributes of a device designated AQEC (that will support AQEC users) are found in Annex B of this standard.


ICS-code 03.100.50
Nederlandse titel Aerospace qualified electronic component (AQEC) - Deel 1: Microcircuits
Engelse titel Aerospace qualified electronic component (AQEC) - Part 1: Microcircuits



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