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Energie-efficientie in elektrowarmte-installaties

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2013
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This Technical Specification is applicable to industrial electroheating installations using electric energy as input, alone or in combination with other kinds of energy. However, external combustible fuel energy input is not dealt with, and all considerations begin at the electric only mains frequency source to which the installation is connected. Any external voltage transformation from the supply network to the plant into a special voltage which is fed into the installation is not dealt with in this Technical Specification, since it is not considered a responsibility of the manufacturer of the installation. The object of this Technical Specification is to provide methods for determination of the efficiency of a given system as well as enabling comparisons with other equipment using the same principle for processing of the workload. For satisfactory comparisons to be possible, differences in end product quality and influences of environmental factors on heat recovery are included. Heat recovery aspects are dealt with but limited to the temperature changes, the specific heat capacity characteristics, and the physical properties of the usually fluidic substance obtained from the installation and employed for energy recovery use. Conversion into mechanical energy is dealt with. Adaptation to the needs of operation and performance management as might be necessary for the implementation or application of smart grid technologies, is addressed but no test methods are given. A guideline is provided for the development of the detailed electroheating efficiency tests for the particular test method standards. The different principles of electroheating for processing a workload, and types of equipment, are given in Clause 1 of IEC 60519-1:2010. If energy from combustible gases or liquids is used in addition to electric energy, the measurement and calculation of the energy efficiency contribution of combustion in the installation are made according to the relevant ISO standards. These may deal with the electric energy input in other ways than in this Technical Specification.


ICS-code 25.180.10
Nederlandse titel Energie-efficientie in elektrowarmte-installaties
Engelse titel Energy efficiency in electroheating installations



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