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Information technology - Multimedia framework (MPEG-21) - Part 1: Vision, Technologies and Strategy

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Commissie Coding of audio, picture, multimedia and hypermedia information
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2004
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This Technical Report has been prepared within ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11 to reflect the progress made on the definition of the MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework. This progress is a result of the combination of WG 11's efforts to standardise the parts of the multimedia framework where it has the appropriate expertise, and the integration with standards initiatives which are being developed by other bodies. The intention of this collaborative approach is to maximise harmonisation of efforts and enable effective standards solutions to be implemented in the shortest possible time. The Technical Report is introduced by a problem statement and a solution statement. The problem statement describes a multimedia usage environment founded upon ubiquitous networks that is encouraging new business models for trading digital content. In this environment, the distinction between content types is less clear as their integration as multimedia resources in new products and services makes the traditional boundaries less distinct. In addition, individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the value, both commercial and intrinsic, of their own digital asset resources and new possibilities presented by the tools which enable them to create and collect, package and distribute content. The solution statement introduces the vision of the Multimedia Framework to support transactions that are interoperable and highly automated, which is required to support these new types of commerce. This MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework is based on two essential concepts: the definition of a fundamental unit of distribution and transaction (the Digital Item) and the concept of Users interacting with Digital Items. The Digital Items can be considered the "what" of the Multimedia Framework (e.g., a video collection, a music album) and the Users can be considered the "who" of the Multimedia Framework. The goal of MPEG-21 can be phrased as: defining the technology needed to support Users to exchange, access, consume, trade and otherwise manipulate Digital Items in an efficient, transparent and interoperable way. This Technical Report gives an overview of the technologies that have been identified to enable this goal (and that are consequently being reflected into the different parts of the MPEG-21 standard). In creating its definition of a multimedia framework and in making its proposals and recommendations for further standardisation, MPEG-21 is taking into account other related multimedia activities. The Technical Report identifies other multimedia initiatives that are currently in progress that are considered as candidates for future interaction and collaboration with the standards work plan agreed by MPEG-21 (see also Annex A).


ICS-code 35.040.40
Engelse titel Information technology - Multimedia framework (MPEG-21) - Part 1: Vision, Technologies and Strategy



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