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Guidance for biometric enrolment

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This report consolidates information relating to successful, secure and usable implementation of biometric enrolment processes, while indicating areas of uncertainty that organisations proposing to use biometric technologies will need to address during procurement, design, deployment and operation. Much of the information is generic to many types of application e.g. from national scale commercial and government applications, through to closed user group systems for in-house operations, and to consumer applications where convenience rather than security is the primary driver for adoption of biometric technologies. The report points out the differences in operation relating to specific types of application, e.g. where self-enrolment is more appropriate than attended operation. This report will focus in the main on fixed location enrolments at a number of sites in an organization, where there is an attendant who supports the biometric applicant in effecting a successful enrolment, and where enrolment is a mandatory requirement. In summary, this report consolidates information relating to better practice implementation of biometric enrolment capability in various business contexts including considerations of legislation, policy, process, function (system) and technology. The report provides guidance as to the collection and storage of biometric enrolment data and the impact on dependent processes of verification and identification. This report will not aim to include material specific to forensic and law enforcement applications. The recommendations contained in the report are not mandatory.


ICS-code 35.240.15
Engelse titel Guidance for biometric enrolment
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