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Karakterisering van verbindingen in mantelbuizen voor thermische putten

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 142
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2013
Taal Engels
ISO/PAS 12835 is intended for assessment of casing connections for those field applications in which the design of the casing-connection system is strain-based, and in which primary axial loading is on the casing-connection system driven by constrained thermal expansion, and in which that primary loading exceeds the casing-connection system’s yield envelope. Consequently, ISO/PAS 12835 should be considered as a protocol that is complementary to ISO 13679, which applies to classic elastic-design applications. ISO/PAS 12835 describes the structure of the Thermal Well Casing Connection Evaluation Protocol (TWCCEP) and provides guidelines for its use by new or repeat TWCCEP users, whose familiarity with the TWCCEP provisions might vary. Clause 6 describes fundamental assumptions adopted in the TWCCEP.


ICS-code 75.180.10
Nederlandse titel Karakterisering van verbindingen in mantelbuizen voor thermische putten
Engelse titel Qualification of casing connections for thermal wells



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