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Industrial automation systems and integration - JT file format specification for 3D visualization

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Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2011
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This Publicly Available Specification defines the syntax and semantics of the JT Version 8.1 file format. The JT format is an industry focused, high-performance, lightweight, flexible file format for capturing and repurposing 3D Product Definition data that enables collaboration, validation and visualization throughout the extended enterprise. JT format is the de-facto standard 3D Visualization format in the automotive industry, and the single most dominant 3D visualization format in Aerospace, Heavy Equipment and other mechanical CAD domains. The JT format is both robust, and streamable, and contains best-in-class compression for compact and efficient representation. The JT format was designed to be easily integrated into enterprise translation solutions, producing a single set of 3D digital assets that support a full range of downstream processes from lightweight web-based viewing to full product digital mockups. At its core the JT format is a scene graph with CAD specific node and attributes support. Facet information (triangles), is stored with sophisticated geometry compression techniques. Visual attributes such as lights, textures, materials and shaders (Cg and OGLSL) are supported. Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), Precise Part definitions (B-Rep) and Metadata as well as a variety of representation configurations are supported by the format. The JT format is also structured to enable support for various delivery methods including asynchronous streaming of content.


ICS-code 25.040.40
Engelse titel Industrial automation systems and integration - JT file format specification for 3D visualization
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