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Rolstoelen - Deel 1: Richtlijnen voor de toepassing van de ISO 7176 reeks op rolstoelen

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 70
Commissie Rolstoelen
Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2005
Taal Engels
The purpose of this part of ISO/TR 13570 is to explain how you can use the International Standards on wheelchairs to select your next wheelchair. The actual standards are very technical and, at first glance, you may not understand how this information will help you select a wheelchair or scooter. This part of ISO/TR 13570 is meant to help you understand the purpose for and content of International Standards on wheelchairs. This part of ISO/TR 13570 is divided into six clauses. a) How to use this Technical Report. b) Standardized testing and information disclosure: Provides background information on standardized testing of wheelchairs. Discusses how chairs are tested and how information is disclosed. c) General considerations: Discusses general considerations related to choosing a powered or manual wheelchair. d) Incorporating personal body characteristics: Relates your physical characteristics to the fit of a chair, either manual or powered. e) Manual wheelchairs: Discusses manual wheelchair test procedures. f) Powered wheelchairs: Discusses powered wheelchair test procedures; focuses on three- and fourwheeled scooters as well as full-sized powered wheelchairs. In the manual and powered wheelchair sections, the test procedures are grouped into three categories: - performance, - safety, and - dimensions. For each test procedure, this part of ISO/TR 13570 includes - reasons why you might need this information, - a brief description of the standardized test procedure, - how the results of the test will be disclosed in the manufacturer's technical product literature, and - how to interpret the results of the test for your own situation.


ICS-code 11.180.10
Nederlandse titel Rolstoelen - Deel 1: Richtlijnen voor de toepassing van de ISO 7176 reeks op rolstoelen
Engelse titel Wheelchairs - Part 1: Guidelines for the application of the ISO 7176 series on wheelchairs



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