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Financiële diensten - Aanbevelingen en gebruik op kryptographische algoritmen

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Financiële diensten
Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2010
Taal Engels
This Technical Report provides a list of recommended cryptographic algorithms for use within applicable financial services standards prepared by ISO/TC 68. It also provides strategic guidance on key lengths and associated parameters and usage dates. The focus is on algorithms rather than protocols, and protocols are in general not included in this Technical Report. However, in some cases, for example for some key agreement and some authentication protocols, there is no “underlying” algorithm, and in a sense it is the protocol that constitutes the algorithm. In this case, the mechanisms are included, in particular where they have security parameters that can be adjusted for higher or lower security. Algorithmic vulnerabilities or cryptographic keys of inadequate lengths are less often the cause of security compromises in the financial industry than are inadequate key management or other procedural flaws, or mistakes in the implementation of cryptographic algorithms or the protocols that use them. However, compromises caused by algorithmic vulnerabilities are more systemic and harder to recover from than other kinds of compromises. This Technical Report deals primarily with recommendations regarding algorithms and key lengths.


ICS-code 3.060
Nederlandse titel Financiële diensten - Aanbevelingen en gebruik op kryptographische algoritmen
Engelse titel Financial services - Recommendations on cryptographic algorithms and their use



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