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Intelligent transport systems - Public transport requirements for the use of payment applications for fare media

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Vervoerstelematica
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2013
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This Technical Report defines the requirements from public transport for payment application owners to specify their application to make payment application media accepted as a tool to access the public transport networks by means of either media centric or back-office centric fare management systems, for non-local and non-frequent users as well as regular users. This Technical Report defines both technical and non-technical requirements needed. Four main items have been identified: - Discrepancies between the existing payment application scheme rules and PTOs expectations. - Definition of a short lifecycle storage area (scratchpad) which may support Check-In/Check-Out access and inspection processes. - Definition of a long life cycle storage area (product area) to store a transport and other products within the payment application. - Condition for use in a multi-application context, when different payment and transport applications are implemented in the same medium. This Technical Report describes the requirements for: - Level of Security and associated trust model; - Conditions for the use of the specific storage area and the overwriting of products or data. This Technical Report does not describe commercial issues which have to be defined for an implementation and may differ from place to place, e.g.: - From Media Owner to Customer; - From Media Owner to Application Owners; - From Payment Application owner to customer; - From Payment Application Owner to Public transport; - From Public transport to Customer. The first cases addressed by this Technical Report are EMV contactless applications and those variants (not strictly EMV) with application storage. All other payment applications (e.g. contactless magstripe emulation) will be addressed potentially in a future version of this Technical Report.


ICS-code 03.220.01
Engelse titel Intelligent transport systems - Public transport requirements for the use of payment applications for fare media



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