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Wegvoertuigen - Beproevingsprocedures voor de beoordeling van de interactie van inzittende met airbags

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Commissie Wegvoertuigen
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2001
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This Technical Report outlines test procedures for evaluating the effects of the interactions between deploying side air bags (SAB) and occupants. Out-of-position occupant test procedures are described in this Technical Report, while in-position test procedures are covered in other ISO Technical Reports, for example, full vehicle pole crash tests [9] and instrumented arm evaluations [8]. This Technical Report describes dummies, procedures, instrumentation and test configurations that can be used for investigating the interactions that occur between a deploying side air bag and a vehicle occupant in front and rear seats. Air bags may deploy from the door or side trim panel, the armrest, the seat back or cushion, the roof support pillars, and the roof rail area. Occupants can range in size from young children to very large adults. These test procedures are sufficiently broad to cover these areas. Static tests are used for these evaluations, since external forces do not accelerate the vehicle buck. Engineering judgment should be used in selecting the tests to be conducted with each individual system. Such tests should be selected to produce the most comprehensive assessment of the system. Additional tests may need to be conducted with slight modifications of the dummy positioning to help ensure the robustness of the occupant interaction measurements. References [13] to [17] in the Bibliography provide some background on human impact tolerance and criteria, while references [18] and [19] describe scaling techniques for different size occupants and references [20] to [22] offer interpretations of dummy responses relative to human injury potential that may be helpful in the evaluation.


ICS-code 43.020
Nederlandse titel Wegvoertuigen - Beproevingsprocedures voor de beoordeling van de interactie van inzittende met airbags
Engelse titel Road vehicles - Test procedures for evaluating occupant interactions with deploying side impact airbags
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