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Leidraad voor het gebruik van ISO 5167:2003

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Debiet- en hoeveelheidsmeting
Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2008
Taal Engels
The objective of this Technical Report is to provide guidance on the use of ISO 5167:2003 (all parts). ISO 5167:2003 is an International Standard for flow measurement based on the differential pressure generated by a constriction introduced into a circular conduit (see ISO 5167-1:2003, 5.1). It presents a set of rules and requirements based on theory and experimental work undertaken in the field of flow measurement. For a more detailed description of the scope, reference should be made to ISO 5167-1:2003, Clause 1. Definitions and symbols applicable to this Technical Report are given in ISO 5167-1:2003, Clauses 3 and 4. Neither ISO 5167-1:2003 nor this Technical Report give detailed theoretical background, for which reference should be made to any general textbook on fluid flow. With the application of the rules and requirements set out in ISO 5167-1:2003, it is practicable to achieve flow measurement within an uncertainty of approximately 1 % of the calculated flowrate. The constraints applicable to each of the primary devices described in ISO 5167:2003 (parts 2 to 4) need to be given consideration before determining the most suitable type for a particular application. Parts 2 to 4 can also be used to form the basis for preliminary design of a metering system. The information necessary for detailed design, manufacture and final check is specified in the clauses and paragraphs of ISO 5167:2003 (parts 2 to 4). Secondary instrumentation is not covered by ISO 5167-1:2003, but Clause 6 of this Technical Report makes normative reference to ISO 2186.


ICS-code 17.120.10
Nederlandse titel Leidraad voor het gebruik van ISO 5167:2003
Engelse titel Guidelines for the use of ISO 5167:2003



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