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Gewasbeschermingsapparatuur - Traceerbaarheid - Opslag van spuitparameters

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 17
Commissie Landbouwwerktuigen
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2011
Taal Engels
This Technical Specification specifies the relevant spray operation parameters for recording information necessary for traceability, and provides a basis for the development of systems for automatically collecting and reporting agricultural production data. The parameters can also be valid for other records, such as those related to spraying in amenities. Spray operation parameters for traceability can be required for different reasons, including approval, quality labelling, national or international directives, local regulations on food security, environmental protection or simply for identifying the treatment, machine or user. The extent to which these traceability parameters can be used will be dependent on the reasons and need for them identified by the intended users of this Technical Specification, who include machine manufacturers, farmers, the food industry and regulators.


ICS-code 65.060.40
Nederlandse titel Gewasbeschermingsapparatuur - Traceerbaarheid - Opslag van spuitparameters
Engelse titel Crop protection equipment - Traceability - Spray parameter recording



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