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Brandveiligheidstechniek - Bepaling van de structuren bij brand

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2011
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This Technical Specification provides a methodology for assessing the performance of structures in the built environment when exposed to a real fire. This Technical Specification, which follows the principles outlined in ISO 23932, provides a performance-based methodology for engineers to assess the level of fire safety of new or existing structures. This Technical Specification provides a methodology for applying an engineering approach to the assessment of fire performance of structures in real fires. In such an approach, the solutions are based on principles of reason, judgement, science, engineering and practicability. A rational approach offers many benefits, including: ? the provisions for better and more reliable fire safety in the built environment; ? potential cost-effective fire safety measures and more options with regard to the choice of these measures; and ? better communication with other professionals involved in the design, construction process and approval process. This Technical Specification is intended for use by fire safety practitioners who employ performance-based design methods. Examples of users include fire safety engineers and structural engineers as well as authorities having jurisdiction, such as authority officials, fire service personnel and code developers. It is expected that users of this Technical Specification are appropriately qualified and competent in the fields of fire safety and structural engineering. It is particularly important that the users understand the limitations of any methodology used.


ICS-code 13.220.01
Nederlandse titel Brandveiligheidstechniek - Bepaling van de structuren bij brand
Engelse titel Fire safety engineering - Performance of structures in fire
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