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Praktijkrichtlijn voor kruip-/vermoeiïngsbeproevingen van breukcomponenten


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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 77
Gepubliceerd op 01-01-2007
Taal Engels
The scope of this document is to recommend and establish standardized techniques for measuring and analysing Creep Crack Initiation (CCI), Creep Crack Growth (CCG), and Creep Fatigue Crack Growth (CFCG) characteristics using a wide range of pre-cracked standard and non-standard 'feature' geometries. Specimens considered in this document are shown in APPENDIX I. The list of geometries is not by any means complete and the user is advised to use appropriate information from other databases for other geometries to derive the relevant fracture mechanics parameters (see Section 11) to use in the analysis. The validation of the parameters that are to be used however is important, especially where concern exists regarding the compatibility of test geometry with the actual component in terms of size, the type of loading and stress state. This document allows increased flexibility and a wider choice of geometries than previously were made available without comprising on the important issues such as accuracy of testing and data measurements and the appropriate derivation of the correlating parameter. Less emphasis and detail has been placed on cycle dependent fatigue test methods compared to time dependent creep test methods as fatigue testing has been comprehensively dealt with in other standards [g] and the parameters needed for its analysis are linear elastic in nature and therefore simpler than the non-linear time dependent creep regime.


ICS-code 19.060
Nederlandse titel Praktijkrichtlijn voor kruip-/vermoeiïngsbeproevingen van breukcomponenten
Engelse titel Code of practice for creep/fatigue testing of cracked components



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