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Systeeminterface AMI-systemen - Deel 1: Systeemsoftware API

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Commissie Interconnection of information technology equipment
Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2010
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Smart metering is a fact. It will be implemented due to regulation or business need. The EC Energy Services Directive enforces member states to act to ensure awareness for energy usage is raised at consumer level. Meanwhile, the need for a smart grid is raising. New circumstances like local generation of energy, distributed generation and electrical cars create a world for which the current grid was not designed. The information generated at a meter level is differentiated for various usergroups; retailers, grid manageres, third party service providers. The physical connection will come in various flavors, powerline communication (PLC), wireless (RF) and with different protocols suited for that communication. Therefor, interoperability between the systems, applications, needs to be ensured independent of these physical layers. This can be achieved using an higher level protocol, like webservices. This document describes a standard on this level, by which various users can use information in their applications, independent of the underlying technology. The standard is provided and maintained by ESNA, a not-for-profit organization of users and supporters of this concept and architecture. The purpose of this document is to define a national reference architecture to allow applications to be independent of physical communication layers as well as independent of transport, network and transmission protocols. To achieve this goal, an architecture is created including the Application Programming Interfaces to support an AMR/AMI (Automatic Meter reading/Automatic metering Infrastructure). The technology used for the API is based on the open standard SOAP/XML. This architecture will support applications for various user groups; suppliers (retailers), DSO or third party service providers. The interfaces should accommodate not only metering applications but grid management in a broader sense. Beside information required for billing and forecasting, information on power quality to support grid management and control to support demand side management are supported by the infrastructure as well. This document provides detailed information about the usage of all NTA 8150 API calls. It also contains detailed information about commands, events, solution settings and results and is intended for use by programmers working with this API.


ICS-code 29.130.20
Nederlandse titel Systeeminterface AMI-systemen - Deel 1: Systeemsoftware API
Engelse titel System Interface AMI Systems - Part 1: System Software API



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