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Environmental influence testing methodology for operational deployments of European ABC systems

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2016
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The purpose of NVN-CEN/TS 16920 is to specify the ISO/IEC 29197 testing methodology for European ABC systems. This specification will cover the following aspects: - environmental conditions which influence biometric modalities used for European ABC systems, i.e. temperature, humidity, illumination and noise; - different tests that can be defined regarding European ABC systems and the procedures for defining of the evaluation conditions to analyse per each test; - particular characteristics of European ABC systems in accordance to best practice recommendations and privacy and data protection regulations for this kind of systems in case of European deployments. As a consequence, the proposed document will include the following aspects: - specific requirements for planning and executing environmental testing evaluations for European ABC systems based on ISO/IEC 29197 project and the best practices recommendations provided by CEN/TS 16634 Personal identification - Recommendations for using biometrics in European Automated Border Control document; - recommendations for the selection of the possible tests according to the specific system that is going to be evaluated; - specific requirements to establish and measure such evaluation conditions as well as to establish the baseline performance; - a specification of the biometric performance evaluation including requirements for test population, test protocols, data to record and test results consistent with operational deployments of European ABC systems.


ICS-code 35.240.15
Engelse titel Environmental influence testing methodology for operational deployments of European ABC systems



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