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Alarmsystemen - Sociale alarmsystemen - Deel 9: IP communicatie protocol

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 41
Commissie Alarmsystemen
Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2018
Taal Engels
NVN-CLC/TS 50134-9 specifies a protocol for point-to-point transmission of alarms, faults, control signals and communications monitoring, between a Local Unit and Controller and an Alarm Receiving Centre using the Internet protocol (IP). The protocol is intended for use over any network that supports the transmission of IP data with sufficient quality of service to support VoIP or a separate voice channel. The Alarm Protocol is defined as an XML scheme including the alarm types, codes and necessary additional information. The alarm protocol is an application layer protocol using another Internet Protocol as a transport protocol to handle addressing and transport functions. The transport protocol initially defined in this Technical Specification is SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). The system performance characteristics for alarm transmission are specified in EN 50134-5. The performance characteristics of the Local Unit and Controller are expected to comply with the requirements of its associated alarm system standard and to apply for the transmission of social alarms. The protocols described in this standard are based on the SS 91100:2014 SCAIP standard [7] and defined to enable backwards compatibility with existing products based on the SCAIP standard.


ICS-code 13.320
Nederlandse titel Alarmsystemen - Sociale alarmsystemen - Deel 9: IP communicatie protocol
Engelse titel Alarm systems - Social alarm systems - Part 9: IP Communications Protocol



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