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Medische informatica - Overdracht van medische beeldinformatie (MEDICOM)

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 23
Commissie Informatievoorziening in de zorg
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-1997
Taal Engels
Includes an overview of the Standard. In particular, it containes a brief description of the contents of each of the DICOM parts referenced by this standard. This standard facilitates inter-operability of medical imaging equipment by specifying: - A unifying architecture for Communication in Medical Imaging, including a number of strategie directions for the evolution of this architecture; - For on-line communication, a set of protocols to be followed by devices claiming conformance to the standard as well as the syntax and semantics of Commands and associated information which can be exchanged over network interface using these protocols; - For off-line communication, a set of media storage services to be supported by devices claiming conformance to the Standard as well as File Format and a medical Media Storage Directory structure to facilitate access to the images and related information stored on an interchange media; -The conformance requirements of implementation of the Standard. In particular, a Conformance Statement must be provided with every implementation claiming conformance to the standard. It specifies sufficient information to determine the functions for which inter-operability is expected with another device claiming conformance; - A framework for the functioning of Registration and Sponsoring Authorities allowing efficient extension of the standard and ensuring easy availability of Object and Service Class specifications.


ICS-code 11.100
Nederlandse titel Medische informatica - Overdracht van medische beeldinformatie (MEDICOM)
Engelse titel Medical Informatics - Medical Imaging Communication (MEDICOM)
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