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Management van dierenwelzijn - Algemene eisen en richtlijnen voor organisaties in de voedselketen

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 8
Commissie Dierenwelzijn
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2016
Taal Engels
NVN-ISO/TS 34700 provides requirements and guidance for the implementation of the animal welfare principles as described in the introduction to the recommendations for animal welfare of the OIE TAHC (Chapter 7.1). This document applies to terrestrial animals bred or kept for the production of food or feed. The following areas are excluded: animals used for research and educational activities, animals in animal shelters and zoos, companion animals, stray and wild animals, aquatic animals, killing for public or animal health purposes under the direction of the competent authority, humane killing traps for nuisance and fur species. Application of this document is limited to aspects for which process or species-specific chapters are available in the OIE TAHC. At the time of publication of this document, they are: - Chapter 7.2: Transport of animals by sea; - Chapter 7.3: Transport of animals by land; - Chapter 7.4: Transport of animals by air; - Chapter 7.5: Slaughter of animals; - Chapter 7.9: Animal welfare and beef cattle production systems; - Chapter 7.10: Animal welfare and broiler chicken production systems; and - Chapter 7.11: Animal welfare and dairy cattle production systems. This document is designed to guide users in conducting a gap analysis and developing an animal welfare plan that is aligned with the OIE TAHC. It can also be used to facilitate the implementation of any public or private sector animal welfare standards that meet at least the OIE TAHC. The scope of this document is intended to be revised as the animal welfare provisions of the OIE TAHC are supplemented or amended.


ICS-code 67.020
Nederlandse titel Management van dierenwelzijn - Algemene eisen en richtlijnen voor organisaties in de voedselketen
Engelse titel Animal welfare management - General requirements and guidance for organizations in the food supply chain



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