Bij de oprichting van het NEN-normalisatieplatform Smart Grids was een van de voornaamste deliverables de ontwikkeling van een referentie-architectuur voor Smart Grids. Daarvoor is aangehaakt bij de Europese referentie-architectuur die is ontwikkeld door de CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Smart Grids Coordination Group.

Het rapport met de Europese referentie-architectuur kan hier (pdf) worden gedownload.

Domains: the complete electrical energy conversion chain ranging from:

  • Bulk generation: generation of electrical energy in bulk quantities, such as by fossil, nuclear and hydro power plants, off-shore wind farms, large scale photovoltaic (PV) power– typically connected to the transmission system
  • Transmission: the infrastructure and organization which transports electricity over long distances
  • Distribution: the infrastructure and organization which distributes electricity to customers
  • DER: distributed electrical resources, applying small-scale power generation technologies (typically in the range of 3 kW to 10,000 kW), the distributed electrical resources can be directly controlled by DSO
  • Customer (industry, commercial, home): both - end users of electricity, also producers of electricity (e.g. PV, EV storage, electric transportation)

Zones: the hierarchical levels of power system management [IEC62357-2011] ranging from

  • Process: includes the primary equipment of the power system, e.g. generators, transformers, circuit breakers, overhead lines, cables and electrical loads.
  • Field: includes equipment to protect, control and monitor the process of the power system, e.g. protection relays, bay controller, any kind of sensor and actor devices.
  • Station: represents the aggregation level for fields, e.g. data concentration.
  • Operation: hosts power system control operation in the respective domain, e.g. distribution management systems (DMS), energy management systems (EMS) in generation and transmission systems, microgrid management systems, virtual power plant management systems (aggregating several DER), electric vehicle (EV) fleet charging management systems.
  • Enterprise: includes commercial and organizational processes, services and infrastructures for enterprises (utilities, service providers, energy traders …), e.g. asset management, staff training, customer relation management, billing and procurement.
  • Market: reflects the market operations possible along the energy conversion chain, e.g. energy trading, mass market, retail market
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