{"count":"20", "results":[ { "image":"/upload_mm/b/a/8/385693_biomassa_270X150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/Better-Biomass-approved-by-Dutch-authorities-as-certification-scheme-for-solid-biomass-for-energy-applications.htm", "title":"Better Biomass approved by Dutch authorities as certification scheme for solid biomass for energy applications", "pubdate":"26-11-2018", "lead":"The Better Biomass certification scheme has been approved in the framework of the Dutch Decree conformity assessment of solid biomass for energy applications. This approval is applicable to all five biomass categories that are distinguished, and applies for the global use of the 'Better Biomass certified' claim. With this approval, the market has access to a robust certification scheme to independently demonstrate the sustainable origin and utilisation of biomass for energy applications." }, { "image":"/upload_mm/7/1/8/385022_Farmers_meeting_IMG_7548_270x150_125x125.JPG", "location":"/News/News/Participants-in-IWA-for-professional-farmer-organizations-convene-1.htm", "title":"Participants in IWA for professional farmer organizations convene", "pubdate":"08-11-2018", "lead":"Early 2018 ISO approved the proposal for an IWA (International Workshop Agreement) for professional farmer organizations. On November 7 and 8 stakeholders discussed the content of this definition." }, { "image":"/upload_mm/4/d/a/383291_circulair_bouwen_270150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/ASTM-International-and-NEN-organize-seminar-on-sustainable-and-circular-building.htm", "title":"ASTM International and NEN organize seminar on sustainable and circular building", "pubdate":"14-09-2018", "lead":"A workshop jointly sponsored by standards organizations ASTM International and NEN will focus on presentations promoting innovative ways to use and reuse materials as well as increasing energy efficiency in the construction industry. This workshop will take place on Tuesday, October 16 in conjunction with the ASTM International Board of Directors Meeting in Amsterdam and will be hosted by NEN at their facilities in Delft, The Netherlands." }, { "image":"/upload_mm/3/5/0/383150_vietnam_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/The-letter-of-intent-is-signed-on-Cooperation-in-Standardization-with-Vietnam-Netherlands.htm", "title":"The letter of intent is signed on Cooperation in Standardization with Vietnam, Netherlands", "pubdate":"07-09-2018", "lead":"On the occasion of the visit to NEN in the Netherlands by the Deputy Minister of Construction of Vietnam, Mr. Le Quang Hung, a letter of intent (LoI) on Cooperation in Standardization with special regard to the construction sector of Vietnam, is signed by NEN. " }, { "image":"/upload_mm/5/f/9/382667_NEN_8021_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/A-change-of-climate-...-a-climate-for-change.htm", "title":"A change of climate … a climate for change", "pubdate":"20-08-2018", "lead":"Where I live, the summer of 2018 will be remembered as a long hot period of unprecedented drought. By those who stayed at home, that is. The habitual sun-seekers, who had traveled south, were also in for a surprise. A wet one." }, { "image":"/upload_mm/4/a/7/381547_katoen_iStock-501788688%20%28002%29_MJ_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/Participate-in-IWA-on-Screening-of-GMOs-in-cotton-and-textiles.htm", "title":"Participate in IWA on 'Screening of GMOs in cotton and textiles'", "pubdate":"03-07-2018", "lead":"The ability to make credible claims about the presence of GM cotton in (organically certified) textiles and garment based on globally accepted objective methods is an important component in strengthening the sector and serving the interest of industry and consumers. Acknowledging the industry’s need for clarity, ISO recently approved the proposal for an International Workshop Agreement (IWA) on a protocol for GMO screening in cotton and textiles." }, { "image":"/upload_mm/7/a/6/381272_biomonitor_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/Biomonitor-Monitoring-the-Bioeconomy.htm", "title":"Biomonitor – Monitoring the Bioeconomy", "pubdate":"19-06-2018", "lead":"On June 7 to 8 the kick-off meeting of the BioMonitor project took place in Brussels. Eighteen European partners coming from public and private research institutions will work together with NEN to establish a sustainable data and modelling framework for the bioeconomy that is effective and robust for stakeholders to use in order to come up with up-to-date and relevant policies on emerging bio-based products. " }, { "image":"/upload_mm/f/d/f/379885_Duurzaamheid_MVO_duim_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/Participate-in-IWA-for-professional-farmer-organizations.htm", "title":"Participate in IWA for professional farmer organizations", "pubdate":"24-04-2018", "lead":"Feeding the world in the future requires that farmers thrive. A consensus based definition of a professional farmer organization will provide market actors, capacity builders, investors, donors, commodity certification schemes and regulators with a common language and understanding around characteristics of farmer organizations and needs for improvement. Stakeholders are invited to participate in the development of this definition. " }, { "image":"/upload_mm/b/3/3/379483_StandardDays_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/StandarDays-2018-on-3-and-4-May-in-Brussels.htm", "title":"StandarDays 2018 on 3 and 4 May in Brussels", "pubdate":"11-04-2018", "lead":"Newcomers will discover the world of European standardization and all participants will understand how standardization works. During StandarDays, you’ll receive a clear and structured overview of the European Standardization System and of our (CEN and CENELEC) products and processes, as well as the benefits of stakeholder involvement." }, { "image":"/upload_mm/0/e/3/cid379353_overstroming_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/Make-buildings-and-infrastructures-climate-proof-using-data-about-future-climate.htm", "title":"Make buildings and infrastructures climate proof using data about future climate", "pubdate":"06-04-2018", "lead":"The climate is changing. Extreme weather events like drought, extreme shower and sand storms occur more often and with increased intensity. How can society arrange that in the design of buildings and installations these changes are being taken into account? NEN has mapped which information developers of standards need in order to make buildings and installations climate proof. The work has been carried out for Copernicus Climate Change Services, the major European research programme for climate change." }, { "image":"/upload_mm/c/3/e/379321_Gas_Analysis_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/Meet-worlds-leading-experts-on-gas-analysis-at-10th-edition-of-GAS-Analysis.htm", "title":"Meet world’s leading experts on gas analysis at 10th edition of GAS Analysis", "pubdate":"06-04-2018", "lead":"GAS Analysis is the leading international event in the field of analysis of gases, presenting the latest developments in laboratory, process analysis, metrology and sensor technology and their applications. The 10th edition of GAS Analysis will take place in the Fokker Terminal in The Hague, the Netherlands, from 18 up to and including 20 June 2019. " }, { "image":"/upload_mm/8/b/7/377771_Visserij_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/Dutch-draft-standard-for-Pulse-Fishing-published-for-comments.htm", "title":"Dutch draft standard for Pulse Fishing published for comments", "pubdate":"02-02-2018", "lead":"In December 2016, the NEN standards committee 'Fisheries and Aquaculture' started developing a Dutch standard for pulse fishing for flatfish. From 1 February to 1 May 2018, the draft standard NEN 7920 ‘Pulse fishing –Requirements for pulse wing and pulse trawl fishing for flatfish' will be published on the NEN website for comments." }, { "image":"/upload_mm/c/2/d/205915_brug3_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/Last-tender-process-launched-for-the-Evolution-of-the-Structural-Eurocodes-Phases-3-and-4.htm", "title":"Last tender process launched for the Evolution of the Structural Eurocodes Phases 3 and 4", "pubdate":"15-12-2017", "lead":"The last public call for tenderers to draft the 2nd generation of Structural Eurocodes (EN 1990 – EN 1999) is now open for submissions. This combined call covers Phases 3 and 4 of the planned work programme and invites leading experts to submit proposals to participate in the 26 Project Teams being formed or to participate as Technical Reviewer. Phase 3 of the work programme comprises 18 Project Teams and Phase 4 comprises 8 Project Teams." }, { "image":"/upload_mm/9/0/a/205894_buisleiding_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/English-version-of-the-NEN-3650-series-for-pipeline-systems-has-been-published.htm", "title":"English version of the NEN 3650 series for pipeline systems has been published", "pubdate":"14-12-2017", "lead":"The Dutch pipeline transport sector (transport of natural gas, oil and other gases and liquids) has for decades worked by self-regulation on a system of standards in which own responsibility is central. The NEN 3650 series is the basis and covers the total life cycle of pipelines. " }, { "image":"/upload_mm/4/7/d/205379_biomassa_270X150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/Product-standard-for-biobased-solvents-published.htm", "title":"Product standard for bio-based solvents published", "pubdate":"28-11-2017", "lead":"The first product standard for bio-based materials was published on 1 November 2017. The European Commission, who financially supported the development, strongly motivates public procurers and industry to use this standard and its referenced test methods for biological content, sustainability and user information and labelling." }, { "image":"/upload_mm/6/5/5/cid205242_Terwisga_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/New-Managing-Director-for-NEN.htm", "title":"New Managing Director for NEN", "pubdate":"23-11-2017", "lead":"Rik van Terwisga (60), Msc, will join NEN as its new Managing Director on January 1, 2018. He will replace Piet-Hein Daverveldt, who has been at the helm of the NEN organization for the last five years. " }, { "image":"/upload_mm/a/7/0/205012_biomassa%20shutterstock%2029069911_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/Industrial-biotech-sector-calls-for-an-ambitious-revision-of-EU-Bioeconomy-Strategy.htm", "title":"Industrial biotech sector calls for an ambitious revision of EU Bioeconomy Strategy", "pubdate":"16-11-2017", "lead":"On the EU Bioeconomy Policy Day, EuropaBio calls for an ambitious revision of the European Bioeconomy Strategy. Such a revision would help tackle climate change and meet the needs of a growing population whilst boosting Europe’s resource efficiency, competitiveness and long-term economic growth. “To achieve this, the revision must put in place a coherent and holistic policy and financial framework to support access to sustainably produced biomass, foster investments and further develop the market for bio-based products”, said Joanna Dupont Inglis, EuropaBio’s Director for Industrial Biotech and Cross-Sector Strategy." }, { "image":"/upload_mm/6/e/7/204627_dorp%20onder%20water%20iStock_95103783_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/NEN-presents-recent-insights-on-the-use-of-climate-prognoses-at-COP23-Climate-conference.htm", "title":"NEN presents recent insights on the use of climate prognoses at COP23 Climate conference", "pubdate":"07-11-2017", "lead":"At this conference in Bonn at the 9th of November 2017 a presentation will be given by NEN, sharing recent insights on the use of climate prognosis in standards for infrastructures." }, { "image":"/upload_mm/4/3/2/203143_Handen_schudden_iStock_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/And-the-Georges-Garel-Award-goes-to....htm", "title":"And the Georges Garel Award goes to…", "pubdate":"25-09-2017", "lead":"Neil Reeve was honoured with the prestigious Georges Garel Award from the International Federation of Standards Users (IFAN) for meritorious contributions to standardization. Neil Reeve had been Chair of ISO/TC 67, Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries, for many years before he retired in 2012. Due to organizational issues, he was asked to become Chair again and was reappointed in 2016. " }, { "image":"/upload_mm/8/e/8/201522_annualreport2016_270x150_125x125.jpg", "location":"/News/News/Annual-report-2016.htm", "title":"Annual report 2016", "pubdate":"05-08-2017", "lead":"2016 was once again a year of excellent results. NEN has a solid financial position, sales continued to grow, the net promoter score continued to increase and the motivation and engagement of employees is high. The board expresses it’s appreciation to all concerned for the results achieved." } ]}