100 years of standardization in the Netherlands

21-01-2016 A milestone in the history of standardization, NEN, the Dutch knowledge network for standards development and implementation, reaches its 100th year this week. Founded in 1916 as the 'Main Commission for the Standardization of the Netherlands', NEN has grown into an organization with approximately 280 employees, over 1400 standards committees and more than 5,000 active committee members.

From letters to e-mail, from cash to bank transactions, from large paper archives to data storage, from telegram to tweet, from local to worldwide, in the past 100 years the world has changed step by step. It digitized, became more productive, international trade has become much easier, data exchange is mostly standardized and innovations have followed one another rapidly. NEN is convinced that standardization has made a positive contribution.

Still NEN faces the same challenge as the founders did 100 years ago. The world is still changing rapidly and is becoming more complex. Society demands organization, safety, health and sustainability. Innovation is essential. Standardization provides the necessary coordination to achieve both business and societal objectives.

Future and participation

In 100 years, NEN has grown into an organization that is both nationally and internationally active in all possible fields. But without the staff, committee members, relevant experts, and standard users, standardization impossible. NEN is thankful to everyone who contributed to our 100th anniversary. But even more, we invite everyone to be active in standardization in the years to come. Have a say on standards and guidelines in your field. Join the conversation, explore the possibilities and exercise influence on the Dutch, European, but also international standards.

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