Dutch draft standard for Pulse Fishing published for comments

02-02-2018 In December 2016, the NEN standards committee 'Fisheries and Aquaculture' started developing a Dutch standard for pulse fishing for flatfish. From 1 February to 1 May 2018, the draft standard NEN 7920 ‘Pulse fishing –Requirements for pulse wing and pulse trawl fishing for flatfish' will be published on the NEN website for comments.

In cooperation with the national government the Dutch industry has developed supplementary requirements for the correct application of the pulse fishing technique in addition to the technical measures for European fisheries. The committee's aim is to draft an independent normative document that outlines the technical safety requirements for pulse fishing without impeding innovation. The respective technical requirements are defined in NEN draft standard 7920.

A widely accepted and universally applied standard will help the fishing industry in supporting, justifying and embedding the usage of the electric pulse technique in national and European fishing legislation and regulations. The standard has been drafted in English to ensure that the requirements are transparent for all national and international stakeholders.


The Dutch fishing industry has developed the innovative pulse technology. With its long North Sea coastline, the Netherlands has significant expertise in trawler fishing and a vested interest in developing a strong and sustainable fishing sector. The pulse technology offers demonstrable economic and ecological benefits.

However, this techniques is currently still prohibited in European territorial waters and is only permitted on the basis of an exemption provided by the European Commission. The specific rules applicable to all Dutch fishing vessels with an exemption have been set out in a technical dossier. The requirements for the technical dossier are incorporated in Dutch fishing regulations.


Comments regarding the draft standard can be posted at normontwerpen.nen.nl until 1 May 2018.

For more detailed information and/or indicating your interest to actively participate in the development of the standard, please contact Juliane Eykelhoff, telephone number +31(0) 15 2 690 235 or send an e-mail to afc@nen.nl.

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