English version of the NEN 3650 series for pipeline systems has been published

14-12-2017 The Dutch pipeline transport sector (transport of natural gas, oil and other gases and liquids) has for decades worked by self-regulation on a system of standards in which own responsibility is central. The NEN 3650 series is the basis and covers the total life cycle of pipelines.

The NEN 3650 series is fully in line with, but at the same time much more detailed than, the international pipeline standards such as NEN-EN 1594 and ISO 13623.The series forms for a large part the basis for licensing by the authorities, supervision and fulfilling duty of care for the pipeline operators and industrial companies, which together operate roughly 20,000 km of transport pipeline in the Netherlands.

Most detailed standard

Because the Netherlands has a dense population, is below sea level and has a high number of rivers, there are substantive challenges for the design, construction and operation of pipelines. This is reflected in NEN 3650 series. The NEN 3650 series is the most detailed standard on pipeline systems in the world. In addition there is a unique part, NEN 3651, on crossings between pipelines and rivers, roads and dikes. Because of climate change and population growth more and more countries face similar problems as the Netherlands. The NEN 3650 series can be a tool in meeting these challenges.

Translated parts

he following parts of the series have recently been translated and published in English:

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