First ISO/PC 308 ‘Chain of Custody’ meeting successful

10-04-2017 On 9 and 10 March 2017 more than 30 participants from eight different countries met for the first international meeting of ISO/PC 308 'Chain of Custody'. This meeting was organized to determine jointly the working area of the project committee and the scope of the new generic standard for chain of custody management.

Next to the various country delegations also the liaison partners, the United Nations International Trade Centre (ITC), GS1 and the alliance for sustainability standards ISEAL, actively participated in the discussions. The host Ahold Delhaize provided an outstanding location for the gathering in the picturesque Dutch town of Zaandam.

Consensus on content

The participants quickly agreed that a horizontal standard, which sets out the definitions for Chain of Custody independently of the product or sector, will create considerable clarity in international trade. This is of particular importance for chains in which there is still less extensive use of chain of custody management systems, and for organizations that process a large number of products. In a very constructive atmosphere, the frameworks for the scope of the generic Chain of Custody standard were established as follows:

The international standard ISO/NP 22095

  • defines terminology;
  • describes various chain of custody models, concepts and methods;
  • provides general guidelines for the application and implementation of these chain of custody models, concepts and methods, including examples for implementation;
  • is in principle applicable to all products; and


In the coming months, the draft standard will be developed by the international experts. After the summer, this document will then be presented to the members of ISO/PC 308 'Chain of Custody' to be voted on during the next plenary meeting.

Taking part

If you are interested in working actively at national or international level on developing the new horizontal standard for Chain of Custody, please contact Juliane Eykelhoff, NEN consultant, e-mail, telephone +31 (0)15 2 690 235 for more information.

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