Make buildings and infrastructures climate proof using data about future climate

06-04-2018 The climate is changing. Extreme weather events like drought, extreme shower and sand storms occur more often and with increased intensity. How can society arrange that in the design of buildings and installations these changes are being taken into account? NEN has mapped which information developers of standards need in order to make buildings and installations climate proof. The work has been carried out for Copernicus Climate Change Services, the major European research programme for climate change.

From climate science more information comes available about the climate of the future. It is of great importance that these insights are taken into account in the design of buildings and infrastructures. After all: a building or a bridge will be built for a long period of time, often more than fifty till hundred years. Therefore, Copernicus Climate Change Services asked NEN to investigate what information writers of standards exactly need, so that they will be able to deliver precisely the information needed by the users.

The survey

The survey shows that most of all users have an interest in information about the extremes (extreme rainfall, wind, drought, flooding). Another critical issue is that the way in which data are presented, fits with the specifications in existing standards, such as the Eurocodes (the standards that specify constructional safety of building constructions).
The needs have been mapped through a questionnaire, interviews and an international workshop. In the survey NEN teamed up with the French/Swiss consultancy BMGI. The response-rate from the standardization community was high, which shows a growing interest in the subject.


The results of the survey have been worked out in a report. You find this here.

Next steps

Based on the results of the survey, Copernicus Climate Change Services plans to develop a dataset that fits with the needs. This dataset will be tested with the writers of standards. In this way users will become familiar with the new information about the future climate. On the other hand they develop knowledge on how to deal with this complex information in a responsible manner.

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